Electronic Check-in

Everything you need to know

Electronic Check-in: What to Expect
UpStreet and Waumba Land electronic check in instructions

We have some exciting news!

We’ve been working on a new electronic check-in system for you and your child. It will enable you to walk right in our doors, check-in all of your children at one kiosk location, then take them directly to their Waumba Land and/or UpStreet classrooms.

🕶  Smooth and efficient!

Beginning Sunday, May 16!

Outside the UpStreet and Waumba Land entrances. There will be additional kiosks, throughout the hallways, with the iPad and printers. 


1. When you approach the kiosk, press the START button on the iPad to enter your phone number.
2. Select your family and the children you would like to check-in. 
3. After pressing NEXT, your name tags, parent security tag, and diaper bag labels will print. 
4. Place the tags on each child and keep the parent tag for yourself! 

Waumba Land help desk
friendly volunteers waving
What if myself or my kids have not attended before?

No worries at all! Our New Guest Team is here to help you get registered!

What if I lose my parent sticker?

We hope you don't, but not to worry, just let a volunteer or staff member know and we can reprint one for you! 

What if I haven't attended in a while?

If your family has attended at all in the past then your information will pull up by searching the phone number you gave us.

What if I need to add children?

That's easy! If you have new children to add, or even a visitor that came with you, there is an option to add them after you've entered your phone number.