Divorce Recovery

Emotional Support


Support Through Separation & Divorce 

We know marriage difficulties are painful. Whether you're facing a separation or divorce, we offer small groups led by experienced mentors who can guide you toward healing and peace.

When you join an Oasis Group, you will receive support from people going through similar challenges, have a chance to process the emotions, and make wise decisions as you navigate this new normal.

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Is the curriculum biblically based?

Yes. Our groups use biblical principles as a framework to help participants make wise decisions regarding their situations. However, you do not have to be a Christian to participate.

Is my participation in the group confidential?

All participants are required to adhere to a covenant that protects the safety and confidentiality of everyone in the group. The leaders also work to ensure that confidential information stays within the group.

What measures are in place to ensure that spouses/ex-spouses do not end up in the same group?

We monitor the registration lists before the start of each group. If both individuals sign up for the same group, priority will be given to the participant who signed up first.

What topics are covered in a group?

Groups address topics such as anxiety, hope, personal accountability, anger, loneliness, finances, parenting, and forgiveness.

Who leads the group?

All group leaders are volunteers that have experienced divorce. They have gone through extensive training and want to encourage others going through the divorce process.

Can I be in a dating relationship while participating in a group?

The group environment is focused on personal healing and growth. We feel the distractions of a new relationship are detrimental to this process. Individuals who are dating will not receive the full benefits of the wisdom and practical tips of the program. Therefore, we ask that all participants refrain from dating while they are participating in a group.

What is the cost, and is financial assistance available?

The registration fee is $20 and covers all program materials. Some scholarships are available. For more questions about financial assistance, please contact care@woodstockcity.org.

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