Raising Boys and Girls

A Closer Look into Each Stage of Parenting

Watch Intro Video (3 Minutes)
raising boys and girls

Welcome to Raising Boys and Girls!

Here are three tips as you get started:

  1. Watch or listen to the brief introduction.
  2. Check out the video or audio recording for your child’s or teenager’s current stage. You might also want to watch or listen to the next stage to get prepared for the road ahead.
  3. Watch or listen to the short conclusion for some final thoughts from David and Sissy.

That’s it! We hope Raising Boys and Girls is a helpful guide as you parent the kids and teenagers you love!

Watch or Listen

Raising Boys

Stage 1 (21 Minutes)
raising boys stage 1 the explorer
Stage 2 (18 Minutes)
raising boys stage two the lover
Stage 3 (20 Minutes)
raising boys stage 3 the individual
Stage 4 (16 Minutes)
raising boys stage 4 the wanderer

Raising Girls

Stage 1 (17 Minutes)
raising girls stage 1 the discovery years
Stage 2 (28 Minutes)
raising girls stage 2 the adventurous years
Stage 3 (26 Minutes)
raising girls stage 3 the narcissist years
Stage 4 (16 Minutes)
raising girls stage 4 the autonomous years

Conclusion and Additional Resources

Final Thoughts for Parents (3 Minutes)
raising boys and girls conclusion