Surviving the Holidays

Find Care and Support at Woodstock City Church

Do you need help this Christmas season helping keep your family traditions alive

Finding Support in the Holiday Season

Sometimes getting through the holidays truly feels like surviving. 

The holidays are normally filled with family gatherings, friends-givings, joy, and warmth. But this year, things may be different.
And that can be tough.
Regardless of your circumstances, you are not alone.
restoring christmas

Restoring Christmas

Approaching the holiday season after a loss can be a difficult experience.

And a first Christmas without someone you love can be especially tough.

We’ve designed a digital experience just for you—Restoring Christmas.


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Oasis Support Groups

Whether you're facing a separation or divorce, we offer small groups led by experienced mentors who can guide you toward healing and peace.


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Life is too tough to face alone. 

You want to live life confident that you are moving in the right direction. As you face challenges in life, you may find yourself saying, “I can't do this on my own.” And, you are right.

We have mentoring opportunities for you to help you navigate the season and find your best next step. 

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