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UpStreet's Verse Cling

UpStreet's Verse Cling

Learn it, Lock it, Live it.

Help your kids elevate GRATITUDE over bad attitudes by locking in this promise!  

LEARN IT:  Put this cling somewhere your family will see it every day (refrigerator, window, back door, mirror).

LOCK IT: Scan the QR code on the cling or visit YouTube for a fun way your family can lock in this verse.

LIVE IT: Anytime someone in your family has a bad attitude or feels jealous, stop and make each other list three things you’re grateful for! If we keep reminding ourselves of the things God has given us, we’ll find our hearts getting more and more full of gratitude… instead of bad attitudes.  😉

Verse clings are available on UpStreet

upstreet gratitude car tag with car talk questions

UpStreet's Car Tag

Make time in the car matter.

We know great conversations can happen in the car. So, hang this car tag in your car to remind your kids to be grateful for all the good things God has given them.

Car tags are available on UpStreet

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Jump Start

Teaching kids about a relationship with Jesus

Have you and your kids experienced Jump Start? Jump Start is a 20-minute presentation where parents and kids learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s designed to help parents jump start a conversation about faith.

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