Wedding Officiant Request

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

woman putting ring on man's finger at wedding

We would love to connect you with a pastor who can officiate your wedding.

Many of our pastors require participation in our premarital mentoring program called Two to One. In Two to One, you are matched with a trained volunteer mentor couple, and you meet for eight sessions over a three-month period.

If you are not able to sign up for Two to One, let us know and we can provide you with some great premarital counseling alternatives. 

Please answer a few questions below to help our pastors determine if they are open and available to perform your wedding. When a pastor is contacted, they will initially agree to the wedding date only. The agreement to perform the ceremony is made at the pastor's discretion after meeting with the couple. We suggest providing the pastor a $500 honorarium for officiating the wedding ceremony, as well as covering any travel expenses outside of the Atlanta area.

Tell us a little about yourself and we will be in touch soon.